Guideline Review

Managing Food Allergy: GA²LEN Guideline

Dear Colleague,

Many thanks for taking your time to review the GA²LEN Guidelines for Food Allergy Management.

In order to see the manuscript, please kindly click on the link below and scroll down to read the individual sections. 

Manuscript link now closed.

There are comment boxes under each section for you to fill in your feedback. 

When you have completed your review, please kindly scroll down to the very end of the document and click the “submit your comments” button.

This will ensure that your comments have been accepted.

You may like to comment on all the sections or just focus on some of them. We will be very grateful for your comments and suggestions to be submitted by the

DEADLINE: 10thFebruary 2022  at 23.59 C.E.T.

Thank you in advance for your valuable commitment and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Antonella Muraro, Graham Roberts, Susanne Halken, Margitta Worm, Torsten Zuberbier on behalf of the GA²LEN Food Allergy Guidelines group